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    Jessie Spahn
    October 06, 2023

    There is no nice way to put this! Do NOT go here unless you want food poisoning for a midnight snack! They will not be coming to your car at 6:30 at night even though there was a sign that says open After 5pm. Your only option is to go through the drive through. And that was a headache in itself. Want a corn dog? For get it. They will be out. We asked for a Simple cheese burger kids meal and got 2 freezing cold burger with old mayo and whatever else they had on it from the day before. The milk shake we got had peanut butter in it and we asked for a M&M only. We threw away all our food including the shakes. They had creepy clown posters everywhere. Sonic is a family friendly environment not a Halloween House! I could keep going! It was the worse fast food experience of my life! I would have had better food and service at the local dump! Corporate has been notified! This place needs new ownership and accountability!

    Candis Miro
    October 08, 2023

    I honestly don't know how this place is still in business. Usually my partner loves sonic and was super excited to be living near one. But this location has been nothing but disappointing. Between sour attitudes, lack of inventory and the consistency in which they decide to close early, it has been near impossible to ever get our order here. Today (saturday) we arrived at 8:33pm and we were informed they wouldn't be taking our order because they were closing. I asked them what time they close on Saturdays (so that I can be aware of this in the future) and he said 10pm. So they are just casually closing an hour and a half early? It's really an appalling excuse of a sonic. There is a desperate need for new management here.

    Cassidy Rockwell
    November 11, 2023

    Food is fine, but there's always something going on every time I go to eat, it might just be bad luck on my part, but the mobile orders are usually not working, the carhop closes earlier than the store at an unspecified time, or I get half my order. Normally, the carhop closing is not a issue, but when you put in a mobile order and go to pick it up by using the carhop, you won't be notified that they're not doing that for the night, so by the time you figure that out and pick it up at the drive through, your food will have been sitting there for at least 20 minutes. So now I just never use the carhop service when using mobile orders to be on the safe side. I've just never had any of these issues at other sonic locations before, and again, it might just be bad luck on my end, but for it to happen this many times when I go, I don't believe that it is.

    November 22, 2023

    I’m giving 2 stars because the food is good. However, I’m not sure if y'all are short on staff or what have you but for the past 6 months it takes FOREVER to get through this drive thru. I waited for 15 minutes after i had ordered in the drive thru and there was 2 cars ahead of me. The car in front of me left because they were there when i hadn’t even pulled into the location yet. Then the truck ahead of them left because they had been sitting there for over 15 minutes (i know this because it took me 15 minutes to get up to the front). Not sure what’s happening and pardon my concern for 15 minutes, but Wendy’s takes maybe 5 minutes at most. I ordered just 2 food items.

    Owen Powers
    November 09, 2023

    Website says closes at 10pm, I pulled in at 9:50 pm at the drive through window. I was informed by the women in the store that they already turned off the grills but she could still make drinks, This was perfect as all I wanted was a drink, She then told me to “have a good night” and turned the lights off with out giving me my drink. I DEMAND THAT SHE IS FIRED WITH NO SEVERENCE. she ruined my night. i was sick and just wanted an ocean water. I hate her.

    Sonic Drive-In

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    1150 Main St, Windsor, CO 80550, USA

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